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4 Areas of Employment Discrimination Federal Employee Should Know About

In 2009, federal employees and applicants filed 16,947 complaints alleging employment discrimination. These complaints ranged from discrimination on the basis of race, color, and sex, to national origin, age, and disability. But, how do you recognize discrimination in your [...]

4 Areas of Employment Discrimination Federal Employee Should Know About2018-03-09T16:41:37-06:00

EEOC Federal Sector Statistics Released

We recently discussed the release of the MSPB FY 2011 statistics, which not surprisingly were very pro-Agency. The EEOC also recently released its FY 2011 Federal Sector Report. You can view the report by clicking here. While the results [...]

EEOC Federal Sector Statistics Released2018-03-09T16:42:37-06:00

Federal Removal Overturned

Snider & Associates, LLC and AFGE Local 32 are pleased to announce the successful outcome of a grievance filed as a result of a wrongful termination. In 2008, OPM removed the Grievant, a GS-13 Accountant and former Union President, [...]

Federal Removal Overturned2018-03-09T16:43:18-06:00

MSPB Statistics

The statistics for the Merit Systems Protection Board Washington Field office have been released, and as it has been in the past, the results are not promising for Appellant Employees. Out of 914 appeals filed in FY 2011, the [...]

MSPB Statistics2018-03-09T16:43:53-06:00

It is not a fast process. . .

One of the first questions clients will ask me when they begin the EEO process is "how long will it take?" The surprising answer is "years!" Employees often believe that the EEO process lasts a few days or weeks [...]

It is not a fast process. . .2018-03-09T16:44:23-06:00
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