For more than a decade, the representation provided by Snider and Associates has been nothing less than excellent for our bargaining unit employees and for our Local. They have been and will remain our “go to” legal experts in Labor disputes as they have established an extensive record of getting results, taking some of the most difficult cases and delivering outcomes that have had extremely positive impacts for thousands of our Members.

Our records demonstrate that, over the past ten years, the firm has a 90% success rate in prevailing in Arbitration Hearings for our Bargaining Unit Employees and Local Officers, in cases such as removals and official time disputes.

The attorneys at the firm are knowledgeable, accessible, professional, and eager to provide top-notch service to Locals that are pursuing justice in the workplace for their members. I high recommend and strongly encourage the use of the services provided by Snider and Associates.

Jonathan Steele, President, AFGE Local 1770

Our Union Local, AFGE Local 2923, for many years has actively and relentlessly pursued fairness and justice in the workplace. So, our employees have come to recognize us as a champion of worker’s rights and protections. But they have also come to recognize another champion – Snider and Associates. Even though our Local has had a large number of successes, Snider and Associates have been our legal counsel during some of the greatest triumphs in our Local’s history.

I find that our Local has been extremely fortunate that Mike Snider worked with us years ago. His staff of attorneys is highly capable and accomplished experts in the field of labor relations. They are both professional and welcoming. I have discovered that they are genuinely interested in the best interests of our Local and employees we represent. They have graciously taken their time to answer questions and deliberate with me regarding a host of issues, and in all those interactions I’ve usually learned something and most certainly been treated with respect.

Anyone who has the prospect to work with Snider and Associates should seize the opportunity.

Bill Jirles, MPH President, AFGE Local 2923

As a fledgling Union that was resurrected within the last ten years, I inherited many challenges and many situations that far exceeded the capacity of the accumulated knowledge of the AFGE Local 3313’s volunteer Union Officials.

The skill/knowledge gap has been closed through the use of the professional expertise from the Law Offices of Snider & Associates, LLC. Past President Shelia Wilson pushed that the Local secure the services of Snider & Associates and her recommendation continues to bear great dividends.

During my first year as President of AFGE Local 3313, Snider and Associates has provided incredible support which has resulted in saving the jobs of employees scheduled for removal, reducing the suspensions of other employees, facilitating back pay deliberations resulting in settlements, and providing an amazing level of consultation support for matters dealing with changes in working conditions and the development and submission of numerous grievances.

In my opinion, the increases in membership and confidence in our Local can be directly attributed to the outstanding support we receive from Jacob, Jason, Keith, and others from Snider and Associates.

Eugene Johnson, President AFGE Local 3313

AFGE Local 1534 strongly recommends Snider & Associates, LLC without reservation. Their team will be a strong and worthy addition to your Local; the results are without question.

Lawrence Williams, President AFGE Local 1534

My Union was impressed with the expert representation of Mike Snider and his associates on a complex FLSA Overtime case. We are ecstatic with the wonderful news that we won our Arbitration over contested FLSA Exemptions, in addition to winning a number of positions in settlement!

It’s a good day to be a “non-exempt” HUD employee. Woo Hoo!! We appreciate Snider and Associates’ diligence and hard work in this case, and look forward to more favorable outcomes.

Janette Owens, President NFFE 259

Congratulations, Mr. Taragin! As is becoming a pattern with your exceptional work, this is another triumph in the fight against injustice at the National Institutes of Health. Thank you for all you hard work in this case.

Mark Morine, President AFGE 2419

Outstanding does not begin to properly describe the services receive from the Firm specifically, that of Mr. Jacob Statman. Mr. Statman has been one of the greatest assets I’ve known in my 12 years of serving as 1st Vice President.

From actually handling cases to being available on the whim of a phone call, he has always taken the time to explain thoroughly the issues I’ve faced as well as solutions to that issue.  The effect of the Snider & Associates’ team representing Department of State bargaining unit employees has resonated throughout the Agency.

If you are considering utilizing Snider & Associates, my advice to you, is don’t delay another day. From day one of having them on your team, believe me, you will feel a great deal of stress lifted for your workload. I have no doubt, you will have success while working with Snider & Associates, LLC.

Anthony Bishop, Agency Vice President, AFGE Local 1534

For any Federal employee either representing himself or Union official representing a co-worker in an EEO complaint who is not an attorney, Michael Snider’s Fight for Your Rights: A Federal Employee’s Guide to the EEO Process book is an indispensable resource.

It is a step-by-step explanation of the entire EEO process and gives invaluable legal and representational strategy and advice especially for discovery, depositions, settlement, compensatory damages, etc.

The sample discovery forms and briefs available on Mr. Snider’s web site are outstanding and help even the playing field when you go up against Agency attorneys. The book takes away Agency attorney’s intimidation factor in the EEO process.

Mike Snider is a true expert on discrimination law and employee advocate. Without his book, I would have never been able to navigate the EEO process and successfully represent Union members against Agency attorneys who prey on representatives’ ignorance.

Ricardo Miranda, Vice President of NFFE Local 1450

Mike Snider came highly recommended, as an experienced attorney in employment discrimination cases. He lived up to that billing and more. After years of tough litigation and difficult settlement negotiations, Mr. Snider finalized my case in a professional and caring manner.

He took numerous depositions in my case and challenged the Defendant’s stance successfully, leading to a successful settlement. I would recommend Mr. Snider to anyone in need of high-quality personal services.


Snider & Associates took my case seriously and handled it professionally. They researched every angle of the case law to make certain that none of my claims would be overlooked and it certainly paid off. In just four short months, I had more than tripled my financial investment. I also learned that there’s no substitute for having lawyers who know what they’re talking about.

Christopher M. Savell, Baltimore, MD

Snider & Associates boldly litigated the sales commission claim against my former employer to a successful completion. When the company asked the Court to move for Summary Judgment to dismiss my case, Snider & Associates promptly counter-moved the Court to dismiss the company’s defense.

Based on the quality and strength of the legal brief to the Court, not only did the company reiterate a willingness to settle, but it more than doubled its previous offer!

K.V., Alpharetta, GA

I was referred to my attorney, Michael Snider, by an EEO Judge – one who said that Mr. Snider would be able to handle my case competently. That was an understatement. I am very, very happy with the expert representation that Mr. Snider has provided.

From handling complicated discovery to drawn out settlement negotiations to a hotly contested hearing, Mike Snider was there every step of the way, a rock in an ocean of uncertainty. Not only that, but he won my case too – we proved a hostile work environment case and received a favorable decision from an EEOC Administrative Judge.

Mr. Snider questioned my witnesses (and me) in a way that brought out the most important points, and his cross examination of the Agency managers was something that I would never want to be on the receiving end of – ever. Although I cannot disclose the terms of my settlement agreement with the Agency, let’s just say that I feel that I have been made whole.

I guess the best sign that I like Snider & Associates as my law firm is that I have referred other people to them as clients. I highly recommend their services.

E.L., Maryland

As a high-level federal government employee faced with a sensitive personnel issue, I wanted not only the best attorney, but someone who could handle my case with discretion. I found both qualities in Michael J. Snider, of Snider & Associates, LLC in Baltimore. My case was resolved satisfactorily and I am happy to recommend him to other federal employees.

C.M., Center for Medicare Services

I would (and will) highly recommend your firm to any of my closest friends, relatives or anyone else who may need outstanding legal representation (outstanding professional attorneys). Your firm is the best of the best.

C.S., Federal Protective Service / ICE

I wanted to say for the record that your law firm has been outstanding in the representation of my appeal before the EEOC. I could not have presented this case without your expert help and advice during this time of facing a federal giant like the Department of Veteran Affairs.

I will continue to recommend your firm to people that need a good law firm to stand up to the federal governmental agencies. Thanks again for all that you do for us.

Alfred Thompson

First, I would like to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU for wanting to help me on such short notice. Mr. Snider, you went beyond the call of duty. I will never forget what you did for me. I did not expect all of this to occur today on such short notice.

Mr. Snider, you have a wonderful staff. Ms. Moses was so pleasant and helpful. It was a pleasure speaking with Jason about my case. He is very knowledgeable and I appreciated his candidness. I really do appreciate you expediting my phone consultation today.

Up to this point, I felt like no one cared about me and my case. You were the only attorney who responded to my email. Mr. Snider, it even meant more to me that you did all of this for me and you are sick yourself. Please get well soon because the world needs more attorneys like you. You just do not know how much I appreciated what you and your staff did for me today.

Letitia Peters

Thanks so much! I owe so much to you [Mr. Statman] and Snider & Associates. You have no idea how much gratitude I have for your support and legal assistance. I appreciate all that you have done for me.

Please also express my deepest gratitude to Mr. Snider. The first time I spoke to him about my situation he said to me, “don’t worry, we will take care of you,” – Snider & Associates certainly did!

Dr. Manuel Recio

Hi, Jason. I just wanted to send a note of thanks to Snider and Associates for representing me so well. From the first day I walked into the office, I was confident that my case would have a positive outcome. I knew that I was not your only client but the attention, diligence and professionalism that was consistently displayed to me by you [Jason I. Weisbrot] and every one else at the firm made me feel as if I were. Snider & Associates is a “cut above the rest” in my book. You folks are the BEST!

James I. Scofield, Ed. D.

I want to sincerely thank you and your firm for your professionalism and integrity throughout this process. Should I ever find myself in need of legal counsel in the future; Snider & Associates will be my first call.

Trevor Steedman

Mr. Statman has just seen me through a case that was difficult, confusing and draining. More than that, it went on almost forever. He was always kind, supportive and empathetic. And he always explained things clearly and patiently so I could make reasoned decisions and understand the possible consequences of those decisions.

That is why I have recommended and will continue to recommend Mr. Statman and his firm, Snider and Associates to any friend who has a need

Anonymous Federal Employee

I could not be happier with the decision to have Snider and Associates, Mr. Jacob Statman to represent me. Throughout my case, I spoke with Mr. Statman and staff at Snider and Associates many times. Everyone was always very courteous, professional, and a pleasure to work with.

Above all, Mr. Statman was very knowledgeable, always responded quickly to any question I had, and was very professional and easy to work with. Mr. Statman successfully negotiated a settlement for my case that awarded me practically everything that I was asking for and that what I thought was very fair.

I could not be more pleased with the results of my case and with the attorney that represented me. Mr. Jacob Statman of Snider and Associates provided me with outstanding representation at a reasonable rate.

I strongly recommend Snider and Associates and Mr. Jacob Statman for anyone who needs excellent attorney representation involving EEO matters.

Craig Griffin, Department of Homeland Security

Snider and Associates has been the most congenial and fair law firm I have done business with. While representing me, Mr. Taragin provided a high level of expertise and truthfulness throughout my case. He, Mr. Snider, and all of the staff were professional and more than helpful during my visits to Snider and Associates and when communicating with me via telephone and/or email.

I would recommend this firm to my closest family member(s) or any other federal employee. Mr. Taragin, Thank you for your representation and all the positive results I received.

Ricardo Miranda, Vice President of NFFE Local 1450

Sir, I would like to thank you for all your hard work during the Class Action Implementation.I know how hard you must have worked, but I appreciate everything you did for me. I know have no bills except my car payment and it’s almost paid for. It came at a great time and I was very pleased with the amount I received.

Once again, thank you very much.

S.B., US Army Civilian

It is with great pleasure to state my sincere appreciation for the representation provided by Mr. Jason Weisbrot and Mr. Jacob Statman of Snider & Associates against an unwarranted proposal by my agency to reduce my federal grade level due to false accusations of poor performance.

Both Mr. Weisbrot and Mr. Statman displayed their expertise in my defense and protected my rights in accordance with federal statutes based on their many years of experience. Their dedication, determination, and skillful legal approach resulted in a most favorable conclusion in my case not only for me but also for my family.

I am very grateful for the willingness of the attorneys at Snider and Associates to represent me with all of their time and effort. Without hesitation, I highly recommend the firm to any federal employee who has been treated unfairly by their agency.

Mr. F. Miller, Department of Army

Saying “Thank you, Jason Weisbrot” just seems so small for the manner in which Snider & Associates took my case. I thought all was lost and I could just forget ever winning anything in my case on appeal after the EEOC threw it out.

Well, I must say, things quickly changed after I contacted Snider & Associates and I am very happy to say that you handled my case with tact, diplomacy and a quickness that was unbelievable. You are here for a reason-to help people who might not be able to represent themselves against some of those powers that are larger than themselves.

I have since recommended Snider & Associates to anyone who asked, and I’ve had quite a few to ask me, for my attorneys’ name. I tell them their phone number is 1 800 discrimination and anyone with a phone number like that has to be the best in the Country.

Snider & Associates is the BEST in the Country. And I cannot thank you enough. I thank God for Snider and Associates as I go to work daily.

Anonymous Federal Employee

The definitive moment in pursuing my EEO claim was retaining Snider and Associates Federal Employee Law Firm.

This is the premier law firm in the United States for representation against the Federal Government. I interviewed several fed employee law firms around the county, none had as much legal knowledge pertaining to federal employment law as Snider and Associates.

Their lawyers are experienced, professional, absolutely know Federal Law, and got the job done right the first time. I expected 100% but received 1000% in advice, federal employment knowledge, EEO expression of rights and legal representation.

Words cannot express my high opinion of their work ethic and treatment as a client. Retaining Snider and Associates is having the most aggressive, knowledgeable, most respectful attorneys on your side. There is not a better federal employment law firm in this country.

They gave me excellent advice, represented me with their top gun lawyer (Mr. Jason Weisbrot), treated me like a valued client, respected my opinions and won my case. Thank you!

Department of Homeland Security Employee