Unpaid Wages Lawyer

Do you think your employer is withholding wages from you? If so, reach out to an unpaid wages attorney to file an official complaint and seek the compensation you deserve for the hours you worked.

The government enforces the payment of wages under specific federal employment laws. Whether you’ve worked overtime hours and aren’t getting compensated for your additional labor or you aren’t getting paid the correct hourly wage each week, it’s important to confront your employer about the issue and get it sorted out. If that doesn’t work, you can hold them legally accountable. 

At Snider & Associates, LLC, we have an in-depth understanding of wage and hour laws and other labor laws, and we can assist you through the claims process for unpaid wages. You deserve payment for the hours you’ve worked, and when your employer doesn’t pay you for your time, they should have to pay the consequences.

An unpaid wages lawyer from our team can support you every step of the way so you feel confident moving forward with a claim.

How the Law Enforces Payment of Wages

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is one of the most notable federal laws that enforces the proper payment of wages to employees. This act establishes overtime pay eligibility, a minimum wage, record-keeping, and child labor standards for both full- and part-time employees in private and public places of work. The FLSA defines overtime pay as one and one-half times an employee’s standard pay.

Federal Overtime Pay and Minimum Wage Policies

Employers must award overtime-eligible employees for any hours worked over forty hours in a single workweek. To comply with FLSA standards, employees must fill out a time and attendance record to receive overtime wages. Each federal agency’s human resources department determines overtime eligibility using the U.S. Department of Labor’s criteria.

The federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour at the time of this writing; however, most states have separate minimum wage policies. Currently, you can file a dispute with the FLSA to recover up to $7.25 an hour in unpaid wages, but if your state has a higher minimum wage that you’re being denied by your employer, you must file a complaint with your state’s wage and hour division.

How to File a Claim for Unpaid Wages

To file a claim for unpaid wages, you must go through the Wage and Hour Division (WHD) of the U.S. Department of Labor. There are WHD investigators stationed throughout the country who work to enforce the standards of the FLSA. You can file a claim by calling the WHD toll-free at 866-4USWAGE or by locating your local WHD office. Once you file an unpaid wages claim, a WHD investigator will look into your case.

If the WHD finds your employer guilty of denying you wages, the WHD may require them to pay back your wages. The WHD may also sue your employer and demand back pay plus additional penalties. You’ll also have the option to file a private employment lawsuit for back pay and liquidated damages if you choose. 

Consult an Unpaid Wages Attorney

Filing an official complaint for unpaid wages can seem daunting, but it’s important that you recover the money you’re owed. At Snider & Associates, LLC, we’ll fight beside you and help you hold your employer responsible for their actions. To discuss your case in greater detail with an unpaid wages lawyer from our team, fill out the contact form below or call 410-653-9060 to schedule a consultation.