A Federal Employee’s Guide To The Federal EEO Process

Every Federal Employee needs to be at least familiar with the EEO process and and how discrimination claims are handled, step by step. This book goes beyond that.

Chapter by chapter, it outlines in detail each step of the process, from initial filing with the EEO Counselor through a hearing, federal court and appeals. It also provides samples of completed forms that enables you to carry this process through in a competent manner. Then you get numerous insights into actually winning your case. Rather than talk about the law in stupefying detail, this book helps you “Fight For Your Rights”.

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    For any Federal employee either representing himself or Union official representing a co-worker in an EEO complaint who is not an attorney, Michael Snider’s Fight for Your Rights: A Federal Employee’s Guide to the EEO Process book is an indispensable resource.

    It is a step-by-step explanation of the entire EEO process and gives invaluable legal and representational strategy and advice especially for discovery, depositions, settlement, compensatory damages, etc.

    The sample discovery forms and briefs available on Mr. Snider’s web site are outstanding and help even the playing field when you go up against Agency attorneys. The book takes away Agency attorney’s intimidation factor in the EEO process.

    Mike Snider is a true expert on discrimination law and employee advocate. Without his book, I would have never been able to navigate the EEO process and successfully represent Union members against Agency attorneys who prey on representatives’ ignorance.

    Ricardo Miranda, Vice President of NFFE Local 1450