Baltimore Overtime Pay Lawyer

If you’ve worked overtime hours and your employer hasn’t paid you the appropriate wages for that time, contact an overtime pay attorney in Baltimore to file an official complaint and do what’s possible to hold your employer accountable.

Employees working in the Baltimore area are entitled to overtime pay for any hours they work in excess of the typical forty-hour work week. Maryland’s overtime pay law is the same as the federal law in that employees must be paid one-and-one-half times their normal hourly rate for any overtime hours worked.

If you’ve worked overtime hours and your employer hasn’t paid you the correct pay rate for the time because of a dispute regarding hours worked, a disagreement regarding pay rate, or a blatant refusal to pay you the money they owe you, you can file a claim to receive the unpaid wages and have your employer investigated.  

At Snider & Associates, LLC, we understand that both the state and federal complaint process can be complex. An experienced Baltimore overtime pay lawyer from our team may be able to assist you in gathering evidence for your claim, filling out all of the necessary forms, and seeing that your claim is filed on time.

We can also support you throughout the entire process and see your Baltimore employment claim through to the end.

How Maryland Overtime Laws Are Unique

Aside from the requirement that all employees must be paid one-and-one-half times their typical pay rate for any hours worked in excess of forty hours in one work week, the state of Maryland allows employers to establish mandatory overtime for employees.

There are also some employees that are exempt from the overtime pay policy completely. Employees exempt from overtime laws include those working in gas stations, hotels, movie theaters, and bowling alleys. Registered nurses are exempt from the mandatory overtime policy unless an emergency arises or other special circumstances are put in place.

The Unpaid Wages Complaint Process in Baltimore

When filing an unpaid wages complaint in Maryland, you have the choice to file through the state or a federal employment agency. When filing through the state, you’ll go through Maryland’s Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation. When filing through the federal government, you’ll go through the Wage and Hour Division of the United States Department of Labor.

No matter how you choose to file your Baltimore complaint, the claim will likely be cross-filed between agencies and an investigation will be performed. The agency may decide that your employer owes you backpay for unpaid wages, or they may decide to go to court on your behalf. If the agency decides that your employer doesn’t owe you any wages, you have the option to file a private lawsuit.

Speak with a Baltimore Overtime Pay Attorney

When filing a lawsuit in Baltimore, you can file in civil court in hopes of obtaining unpaid wages and liquidated damages from your employer, or, if you believe your employer purposely withheld wages from you, you can take them to criminal court.

A Baltimore overtime pay lawyer from Snider & Associates, LLC can help assess your situation and guide you in the right direction. Call 410-653-9060 or fill out the contact form below if you’re ready to schedule a consultation.