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It’s completely unacceptable to be discriminated against, including in your place of work. If you feel that you’ve been mistreated by your employer and bias or prejudice took place, contact an employment attorney in Washington, DC to take legal action.

Discrimination occurs during employment in today’s society more often than it should. Our nation has put numerous labor laws in place to try to prevent prejudice from happening, but unfortunately, mistreatment and bias still occur daily. The work environment is one place where all employees should be protected against such treatment, because this is the place where we spend the majority of our day.

If employees can’t feel safe at work, it can cause our society to crumble. Thankfully, with the help of federal agencies and experienced attorneys, our country is working diligently to stop discrimination whenever an incident arises. At Snider & Associates, LLC, our lawyers understand employment law on a federal and local level and will do everything in their power to ensure employees are protected.

If you’ve experienced discrimination at work, a Washington DC employment lawyer can be your key resource in ensuring your employer is held accountable for their actions and you can go back to work feeling safe again. Hopefully, by filing a claim against your employer, you’ll make a statement so that your employer never discriminates against anyone again.

Nationwide Employment Discrimination Laws

The U.S. Department of Labor has a variety of employment laws in place to protect minority groups from getting mistreated at work. These groups include the elderly, the disabled, those with genetic diseases, pregnant women, immigrants, and more.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is the most prominent antidiscrimination law in the country. It makes it illegal for employers to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, or national origin.

While these laws help prevent discrimination, they aren’t meant to be abused. For instance, you can’t claim that your employer has discriminated against you based on advanced age if you aren’t over the age of 40.

Preventing Discrimination in the Washington, DC Area

Federal laws cover a wide range of antidiscrimination employment laws, but there are also state and local laws for many areas around the nation.

Washington DC expands upon the nation’s discrimination laws by including an entire section of their legal code on the prohibition on discrimination against the unemployed. An employer in the DC area is not allowed to discriminate against a potential employee in their hiring process simply because they have the current status of unemployed.

Washington DC code also clearly states that retaliation—employers mistreating employees or potential employees because of some action taken on the employee’s part against the employer—is unlawful.

Common Forms of Discrimination During Employment

Retaliation is a common form of discrimination in the workplace, which is why Washington DC has made it clear in their legal code that retaliation is an unlawful form of discrimination. Other common forms of discrimination at work can be seen in the hiring and firing process, through bad working conditions, in verbal and sexual harassment, or through lack of pay raises and bonuses.

Your employment lawyer in Washington DC can help you determine whether you have a case by looking at three key points: harm, comparable employee situations, and justification. First, you’ll need to be able to show that harm has been done to you to prove discrimination has taken place. This harm can come in the form of financial harm, physical harm, or emotional harm.

The easiest way to identify discrimination is by comparing your incident to how other employees in comparable job positions are being treated in your office. For example, if you believe that you should’ve been given a promotion and others in your job position received treatment that you were deprived of, this could mean discrimination took place in your employment.

Justification will be the final deciding factor. Your employer will have to prove why you didn’t receive the promotion when others on your team did. If this justification isn’t warranted, then your case will stand up in the claims process.

Steps to File a Workplace Discrimination Claim

To file your discrimination claim, you must go through the DC Office of Human Rights (OHR) or the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). You can file a complaint online or at your local office. Either the DC or local federal agency will investigate your employer to decide if your employer has broken an employment law.

Once you’ve filed an official complaint, you may have a chance to file a legal lawsuit, depending on the decision of the agency. Your employment lawyer can advise you on the next steps in the process.

Reach Out to a Washington DC Employment Attorney

Being discriminated against should never be something you accept. It’s important to stand up against your employer and ensure they learn their lesson for the future. At Snider & Associates, LLC, we’re here to help you seek justice. If you’re ready to discuss your incident with a Washington DC employment lawyer, call 410-653-9060 or fill out the contact form below.

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