Baltimore Labor Law Attorney

As an employee in the city of Baltimore, you’re protected under specific labor laws that your employer must follow. If you’ve experienced an incident where your employer has violated one of these labor laws, reach out to a labor lawyer in Baltimore to file a claim.

Employees are protected nationwide and statewide from discrimination in the workplace, and they’re also given a variety of benefits, such as workers compensation, a minimum wage guarantee, time off, overtime pay, and safety and health protection in the workplace. Occasionally, employers violate the labor laws put in place, and, as a result, employees can feel mistreated, disrespected, or unsafe. A Baltimore labor law attorney knows these laws.

It’s essential that anytime a labor law gets violated, the employee reports the incident to a federal or state labor agency to ensure the employer is held accountable for their actions. If the incident isn’t reported, the labor laws may continue to be violated and other employees can experience the same harm and mistreatment.

At Snider & Associates, LLC, our lawyers will work tirelessly to ensure your claim is resolved and you receive justice for however you’ve been wronged. We want you to feel safe in your work environment and trust that you’re protected under the laws of the government.

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation in Maryland protects employees who have been injured while on the job. If you’re injured or become ill and you’re unable to work for more than three days, in most cases your employer’s workers compensation insurance company can pay your medical bills and two-thirds of the salary you’ve lost from being out of work.  

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) enforces both state and federal minimum wages. While the federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, Maryland’s state minimum wage is $10.10 per hour. Hourly employees are also required to be paid overtime when they work more than forty hours in one week. Overtime pay is one-and-one-half times the employee’s standard pay.

Time Off Work

Employees have rights to time off work, including family, medical, and sick leave. The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is enforced both federally and statewide but can vary between states. In Maryland, any employer who has more than fifteen employees must allow their employees to use their paid leave benefits to care for sick family members. The leave period can also be extended to unpaid leave.

Six weeks of unpaid leave is given to employees for childbirth and adoption, as long as the employee has worked for the company for one year. Sick leave is a requirement for all companies, though the differentiation between paid and unpaid sick leave depends on the size of the company.

Consult a Baltimore Labor Lawyer

Knowing your rights is important when you spend a large majority of your life in the workplace. At Snider & Associates, LLC, we have a deep understanding of both federal and Maryland labor laws. We’ll help you file a claim with your federal or local employment agency and, if necessary, file a lawsuit as well. We will do everything possible so that if your employer has wronged you in any way, they’ll be held accountable.

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