If you are not or have not been employed at the VA Connecticut Healthcare System, but are an RN that has a similar claim, please click here.

VA Connecticut Healthcare System – Unpaid Meal Break Overtime Lawsuit

In September 2020, a class action lawsuit was filed in the United States Court of Federal Claims on behalf of Neil Bidon, R.N., David Capuano, R.N., Eileen Donaghey, R.N., Judy Gordon, R.N., Kathleen Kus, R.N., Margarita Ortiz, R.N., Elaine Rinsland, R.N., Stephanie Roach, R.N., and Lorraine Suchy, R.N., and on behalf of all other past or present Registered Nurses (I, II or III) employed by the Department of Veterans Affairs, Connecticut Healthcare System facilities.

The lawsuit alleges that the VA violated federal law, rule and regulation by inducing Registered Nurses to work through their unpaid meal period without providing them additional compensation of overtime or compensatory time. If you meet both of the following qualifications you are eligible to join this lawsuit:

  1. Currently or was previously employed as a Registered Nurse at any VA Connecticut Healthcare System facility; and
  2. Worked through your unpaid meal period anytime within the last six-years without receiving overtime pay or compensatory time.

If you would like to join the lawsuit and become a member of the class, please complete the form to your right.
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Complete This Form to Join the Lawsuit

Note: Only employees who are past or present RNs at the VA Connecticut Healthcare System and worked through their unpaid meal break anytime within the last six (6) years are eligible to join the lawsuit.

If you were previously an RN I, II, or III at the VA but are now working in a different position, you are still eligible to join.

    I am a past or present RN at a VA Connecticut Healthcare System facility (required)

    Within the last six years, I have worked at least 15 minutes during my 30 minute unpaid meal period without receiving overtime pay or compensatory time (required)

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